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Increasing Your Knowledge

Only you can decide what you should learn next! Today your options are limitless on how and where to gather information about dog training, dog behavior modification, or dog competition. If you want to increase your dog training knowledge, the first step is to decide the general area of knowledge you want to acquire. Do […]

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So you’ve got a cute new puppy who is soft, cuddly, loveable, and lots of fun. And he’s also chewing on everything in sight and tearing up the house. What do you do? • Your puppy is new to the world and is looking to you for direction. Establish yourself as the leader of your […]

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When is the best time to train your dog? The answer is all the time! Dog training is done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you know it or not. Bad habits are created during everyday life scenarios. For example, if Spot jumps up on you and then you pet him, you […]

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Teaching your dog to “OUT” on command

Teaching your dog to drop/release an object on command is a very important safety skill as well as part of teaching leadership and control. If your dog puts something in his mouth that is dangerous, you want your dog to drop that item as soon as you command him to. What would you do if […]

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Two Toy Game Part 4

I LOVE these FUZZY tugs! Riker learns to run out for and bring back the toy to “activate” a game of tug! This completes the training and building drive getting back to me. Now all that is left is to maintain what we have built! Things to look for – Riker runs out fast to […]

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Two Toy Game Part 3

I LOVE these FUZZY tugs! The next step in the 2 Toy game is working on the retrieve portion. The most important features to watch for are, your pup/dog to run out fast, grab the toy quickly, spin back (turn tight), and come back “fast”. Next, I add bringing the toy back to my hand. […]

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Two Toy Game Part 2

I LOVE these FUZZY tugs! This session is in a new location with much more space. I use the toy to regain Riker’s attention and teach him that I am “the best game in town” and more fun than anything in the environment. Switching back and forth between toys, teaches him to play with the […]


Two Toy Game

The two toy game is wonderful to help your pup/dog learn to run out to toy, grab it, and bring it back to you. The Cookie Toss game is a great foundation for this game. I LOVE these FUZZY tugs! Basically, it is a game that uses two toys. Keep one toy (the best or […]

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Wean Off LURES!

– Or shift responsibility to your dog! Once your dog understands what you expect, extra help such as verbal reminders, leg pats and leash cues should no longer be use.  In addition, at this stage,  and food should no longer be used as a lure. In the final stages of training, treat incentives become a […]

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I love getting a new puppy. However, it is no fun having to clean up mistakes on the floor. In order to teach a puppy to go potty outside, keep him in his crate if you are unable to watch him during the day and at night. As soon as your puppy wakes up, finishes […]

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