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Is there a differenace between a skill and an exercise?

You bet there is! What is the difference between a skill and an exercise???? An “exercise” is something I am required to do in the ring. It is a sequence of skills.  The Drop on Recall, Heeling, courses in Rally or Agility etc.   All of these are exercises.  They are the “Things” we are […]

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Maintaining Focus

Attention and focus can make or break a performance. This article ran Feb 18, 2020 USDAA Training Tuesday It is hard for your dog to learn, perform a skill or exercise correctly, if you do not have his complete attention. When training, insist that your dog pay 100 percent attention to you, and be alert […]


Maintaining FOCUS!

It is hard for your dog to learn and perform a skill or exercise correctly if you do not have his complete attention. Insist that your dog pay 100% attention to you. At the same time, you should give your dog 100% of your attention! Once you begin a training session, be aware of any […]


Gurrrrr. Summer is here.

Don’t know about y’all during the summer months but it gets really HOT here in Texas. During this time of year, I need to plan my dog’s training sessions and conditioning so that we can get the most “bang for our bucks” yet not over heat our dogs. I know you ask yourself “what is […]

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Make a Plan!

Before you begin to train, consider exactly what you want to train. What do you want to accomplish? For example if you’re training your dog to sit, consider the following questions: How will you cue the command? Will you give your dog a verbal or physical cue or both? How long should your dog sit? […]

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Posted in the BCSA Borderlines Magazine. The problem ~ When showing, your dog is leaving to sniff or go visit? There might be several problems or a combination of issues contributing to the sniffing. 1) Stress of environment. i.e. New places/shows seem to create stress. Is the trainer going to “new” locations to train on […]


“Achieving a Balance” in training

Published in the BCSA Borderlines Magazine. Most of us want and even strive for a dog that exudes enjoyment when training and showing. What many of us ultimately look for is a partner that shows willingness and precision along with drive and desire. How do we achieve that balance between speed and yet keep the […]

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How Do You Grade Yourself?

If you had to grade your dog training and showing practices, what grade would you give YOURSELF? Base the grade on effort and time spent in planning training sessions, thinking about goals, and working on YOU, either by continued education or fitness. Many of us get by with just an “average” grade spending some time […]


Do you want to Improve Your Training? Part 4

Part 4. Evaluate Training. A common mistake some trainers make is forgetting to evaluate their training. As a result they continue to do the same thing over and over even if it isn’t working. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein There are a lot of things […]

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Do you want to Improve Your Training? Part 3

If you want your dog to be fully focused during training and showing, you must be fully focused. It is important to plan your training so that it is organized, smooth and that the dog stays motivated, engaged and attentive throughout the session. A good training session is focused and energetic from beginning to end. […]

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