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Do you want to Improve Your Training? Part 4

Part 4. Evaluate Training A common mistake that some trainers make is forgetting to evaluate their training. As a result they continue to do the same thing over and over even if it isn’t working. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein There are a lot of […]

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Do you want to Improve Your Training? Part 3

If you want your dog to be fully focused during training and showing, you must be fully focused. It is important to plan your training so that it is organized, smooth and that the dog stays motivated, engaged and attentive throughout the session. A good training session is focused and energetic from beginning to end. […]

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Do you want to Improve Your Training? Part 2

Keep training sessions short and sweet. Stop training BEFORE your dog gets tired or overtaxed. You want to keep your dog interested and wanting more! Try to limit your training to short sessions of 5 –20 minutes depending on the age of the dog. When training a new behavior, keep sessions even shorter, so that […]

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Do you want to Improve Your Training? Part 1

Many trainers ask “how can I improve training my dog?” There are many reasons to enhance and improve training sessions with your dog. However, often the main reason is to improve the rapport with your dog so that you can be more successful when you are in the ring. The first great rapport building training […]

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Use of Rewards

Reinforcement can include treats, praise, petting, or a favorite toy or game. Since most dogs are food motivated, treats can work especially well for training. Next to food and toys, dogs love attention! Instead of or in addition to using treats and toys during your next training session, reward your dog by providing praise, affection, […]

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Why Teach Tricks?

Trick training does provide many benefits – to you and your dog: In the process of learning new tricks you establish a way to learn to communicate with your dog. Trick training helps to build confident dogs and teaches your dog to experiment and offer behavior  – which is important. Tricks are a great way for your dog to stay […]

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PLAY! Pt 2

How to Teach your dog how to play. Simple guidelines to help you on your way to a tugging fend! • DON’T LOOM OVER YOUR DOG WHEN TUGGING: Bending over your dog can intimidate and even squash his desire to play. For a small dog or puppy beginning by sitting on the floor. If needed, […]

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PLAY! Pt 1

  So your dog won’t tug and you want to teach him? Having a dog that loves to play with toys is a huge benefit when training your dog. The tug game is a great way to reward behaviors, is an interactive experience with your dog that burns energy and builds rapport, and while tugging […]

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What are YOUR most important foundational skills?

Over the years, many people have asked me what I train first with a new puppy or dog. First, I feel it is important to build a relationship and rapport with the new pup. To do this, I play games, such as COOKIE TOSS game and tug. Although I do some other behaviors, such as […]

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To establish balance in training, one should understand the difference between “regimented training” and “motivational training.” Regimented training often has precise steps with a beginning and an end. Many times “regimented training” is applied to all dogs regardless of the dog’s maturity, ability and without consideration of the dog’s natural drive or willingness to please. […]