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Posted in the BCSA Borderlines Magazine The problem ~ When showing your dog is leaving to sniff or go visit? There might be several problems or a combination of issues contributing to the sniffing. 1) Stress of environment. i.e. New places/shows seem to create stress. Is the trainer going to “new” locations to train on […]

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Do you want to be successful when showing?

Published in the BCSA Borderlines Magazine Your approach to dog training has a big impact on the actual show results that you will get. As long as you have the right mindset about training, you can be sure that your dog will become a confident partner. Here are a few tips that will help you […]

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“Achieving a Balance” in training

Published in the BCSA Borderlines Magazine Most of us want and even strive for a dog that exudes enjoyment when training and showing. What many of us ultimately look for is a partner that shows willingness and precision along with drive and desire. How do we achieve that balance between speed and yet keep the […]