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It is impossible for your dog to learn and perform a skill or exercise correctly if you do not have his complete attention. You should insist that your dog pay 100% attention to you. At the same time, you should give your dog 100% of your attention! Once you begin a training session, be aware […]

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Many people expect their dog to learn with training, understandable. However, to really get the behaviors that you are expecting from your dog, you have to know what and how to motivate your dog.     There are many types of motivators. Do you really know what motivates your dog? You have probably already thought […]

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Practice Stays!

or PRACTICE THOSE BORING, BUT NECESSARY STATIC EXERCISES! There are two types of dogs. Those that have had stay problems and those that will!  This applies to start-line stays as well as obedience and rally stays. STAYS can be in a line with other dogs, in a position with the dog by himself such as […]


Wean Off LURES!

– Or shift responsibility to your dog! Once your dog understands what you expect, extra help such as verbal reminders, leg pats and leash cues should no longer be use.  In addition, at this stage,  and food should no longer be used as a lure. In the final stages of training, treat incentives become a […]

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Train in New Locations

MAKE UNFAMILIAR LOCATIONS FAMILIAR! Since each “show” is a new location for your dog, make sure to train in new places on a regular basis. Even if you train at the show location, the atmosphere becomes different with new dogs, the extra noise, and the added emotional “high” that goes along with shows. A new […]

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The Exercise BOX

  Thinking outside the box is more than just a cliché. In dog training, the phrase “think outside the box” means to see outside of the ordinary or traditional exercises. Thinking outside the box enables a trainer to approach problems in new way. Viewing problems differently and/or understanding a particular situation in a way you’d […]



Training in new locations with new people and I different conditions is important in preparing your dog for the ring. Training in a variety of conditions will give your dog confidence to perform ANY skill in ANY situation. The following are some ideas that can help you on your road to success. You can find additional […]

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Speak softly

or better yet not at all! Do you ever say “why doesn’t my dog listen to me?” In order for a dog to work with you, he must be thinking about you. He can’t hear what you are saying if he’s not paying attention. So, how do you teach your dog attention? Here are a […]

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Preventing shut down

(or learned helplessness)! How many times have you heard a trainer comment “he just shuts down” or “he doesn’t like to work under this condition”? What happens when a dog “shuts down”? Shutting down is when a dog has stopped trying to do what is being asked because he has learned he is never right […]

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Stress and the Performance Dog

Can Stress Affect Sports Performance? Stress is a feeling that’s created when we react to particular events. It’s the body’s way of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened alertness. A little stress or the right kind of positive stress can help keep you on […]

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