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Training in New Places

PROOFING VARIABLES TO CONSIDER Training in new locations, with new people and in different conditions are important steps in training as well as preparing your dog for the ring. Training in a variety of conditions will give your dog confidence to perform any skill in any situation. The following are some ideas that can help […]

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Use of Rewards

Reinforcement can include treats, praise, petting, or a favorite toy or game. Since most dogs are food motivated, treats can work especially well for training. Next to food and toys, dogs love attention! Instead of, or in addition to using treats and toys during your next training session, reward your dog by providing praise, affection, […]

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PLAY! Pt 1

  So your dog won’t tug and you want to teach him? Having a dog that loves to play with toys is a huge benefit when training your dog. The tug game is a great way to reward behaviors, is an interactive experience with your dog that burns energy and builds rapport, and while tugging […]

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Getting frustrated when training???

Some people grind their teeth or hold their breath while training while others clench their fists or rattle off a string of swearwords. When the frustration of training your dog comes to a boil, there are a countless number of ways to respond. Keep in mind that our dogs can get very frustrated, too! Especially […]

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To establish balance in training, one should understand the difference between “regimented training” and “motivational training.” Regimented training often has precise steps with a beginning and an end. Many times “regimented training” is applied to all dogs regardless of the dog’s maturity, ability and without consideration of the dog’s natural drive or willingness to please. […]


Make a PLAN!

What’s a training plan, and how do I make one? Before you start training a skill, you need to make a training plan. The key to successful dog training is in the planning. The following is a step by step method to aid you in developing a training plan for a skill you would like […]

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Do you want to be successful when showing? ESTABLISH GOALS! One of the first items on your agenda will be to set goals for you and your dog. The old adage, “there are only so many hours in a day” holds true when you are making short and long term goals. You will have to […]

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Increasing Your Knowledge

Only you can decide what you should learn next! Today your options are limitless on how and where to gather information about dog training, dog behavior modification, or dog competition. If you want to increase your dog training knowledge, the first step is to decide the general area of knowledge you want to acquire. Do […]

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Stress and Showing

How many times have we seen a wonderful warmup only to see the team fall apart once they enter the ring? Have you ever asked yourself why? Was your answer the dog wasn’t ready or the distractions were to much? Did you consider that it actually might be the handler affecting the team? Can Stress […]

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Think before sending in the Entry!

Resist the temptation or pressure to enter your dog before he is truly ready. Entering a show with the hope your dog will perfect an exercise in a given amount of time may only result in frustration and disappointment. Set your goals and decide what level of performance you expect from your dog. Stick to […]