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Watch POE Grow – The life and training of a competition puppy.

Now is your chance! “WATCH POE GROW” will give you that opportunity to watch me train my new puppy, Poe. In the upcoming videos, Poe and I will be showing you everything I like to do with a puppy or dog to build a great competition partner and a wonderful family member. Poe will be […]


Is there a differenace between a skill and an exercise?

You bet there is! What is the difference between a skill and an exercise???? An “exercise” is something I am required to do in the ring. It is a sequence of skills.  The Drop on Recall, Heeling, courses in Rally or Agility etc.   All of these are exercises.  They are the “Things” we are […]

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Maintaining Focus

Attention and focus can make or break a performance. This article ran Feb 18, 2020 USDAA Training Tuesday It is hard for your dog to learn, perform a skill or exercise correctly, if you do not have his complete attention. When training, insist that your dog pay 100 percent attention to you, and be alert […]


STOP Shut Down :<(

(Or learned helplessness)! How many times have you heard a trainer comment, “he just shuts down” or “he doesn’t like to work under this condition”? What happens when a dog “shuts down”? Shutting down is when a dog has stopped trying to do what is being asked because he has learned he is never right […]

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DISTRACTION TRAINING (or proofing) builds your dog’s confidence, focus, and attention on you so that your dog can perform a skill any place, anytime, no matter what is happening. During this week we will look at various ways to proof your dog. Training Note: it is not bad for your dog to be wrong. Your […]