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Dogs are naturally pack animals. In a family situation with people, a dominant/pushy dog may “test” his place in the pack by asserting himself.  This may be done in subtle ways such as nudging your hand for petting, stealing objects or going out doors before you do.  More extreme ways he may assert himself  can […]

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Getting frustrated when training???

Some people grind their teeth or hold their breath while training while others clench their fists or rattle off a string of swearwords. When the frustration of training your dog comes to a boil, there are a countless number of ways to respond. Keep in mind that our dogs can get very frustrated, too! Especially […]

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  Training your dog can be very rewarding yet still an incredibly frustrating experience. It is especially difficult if you have no past experience in dog training. If you are having trouble in your quest to have a well-trained dog, this article will give you five tips to help you train your pet.   1. […]

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When is the best time to train your dog? The answer is all the time! Dog training is done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you know it or not. Bad habits are created during everyday life scenarios. For example, if Spot jumps up on you and then you pet him, you […]

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WHO is Calling the Shots?

or Getting Control of a PUSHY Dog. Building rapport and becoming an obvious leader figure by being consistent in all interactions with your dog is the best way to start getting a handle on that pushy pet. Teach your dog to defer to you by sitting and waiting quietly for anything he wants. This includes […]

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Give IT Back!

It can be so irritating when your dog grabs something he should not have.  Often it becomes a struggle to get the object back.  Wouldn’t it be great not to have to fight and chase your dog when he picks up something he shouldn’t have! Just teach your dog to “Give it Back!”. When teaching […]

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Teaching your dog to “OUT” on command

Teaching your dog to drop/release an object on command is a very important safety skill as well as part of teaching leadership and control. If your dog puts something in his mouth that is dangerous, you want your dog to drop that item as soon as you command him to. What would you do if […]

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Speak softly

or better yet not at all! Do you ever say “why doesn’t my dog listen to me?” In order for a dog to work with you, he must be thinking about you. He can’t hear what you are saying if he’s not paying attention. So, how do you teach your dog attention? Here are a […]

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Retractable leashes and why NOT to use them!

A retractable leash is a length of thin cord or belt wound around a spring-loaded device housed inside a plastic handle. The handles have a button on that controls how much of the cord/belt is extended and often have a locking mechanism. Retractable leashes are popular primarily because they allow a dog more freedom to […]


Preventing shut down

(or learned helplessness)! How many times have you heard a trainer comment “he just shuts down” or “he doesn’t like to work under this condition”? What happens when a dog “shuts down”? Shutting down is when a dog has stopped trying to do what is being asked because he has learned he is never right […]

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